Readings: “Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes” (SOL – 672-677)

“The Gender Blur” (SOL – 678-685)

POST CUT-OFF:  NOON 11/3/2013

- Devor’s essay implies that “gendered” qualities associated with women are construed as negative by society But presumably we (humans in a society) would not do something that wasn’t advantageous to our existence. Why might some women “get” from behaving in accord with the gender role behaviors and attitudes that Devor describes?

- Connecting these articles to the culture of consumption, what social cues do boys, girls, women, and men receive from the media which might reinforce the “hegemony” of the gender behaviors Devor describes?

- Blum discusses remote mountain villages in the Caribbean where boys are raised as “conditional girls” due to a genetic defect. Blum notes that there is a “comfort level” and a “tolerance” of these inter-gendered children and contrasts it with similar occurrences in the U.S. and Europe. How might you explain this tolerance? Why is it absent in American culture?

- In terms of the causes of male aggressiveness, which author has the more persuasive argument? Why?


Summarize comedian Louis CK's argument against cell phones.  What do you think of his point? Are his criticisms valid?  How might his argument inform a our discussion about "The Real"?

Have you ever tried "just sitting", rather than jumping on the cell phone? If you have, describe the experience and how it felt.  If you have never tried, describe the impulses that drive you to distractions offered by our smart phones.  


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